Setting up an on-premise agent

On-premise agents are software that you use to create a secure connection between a computer located behind a firewall and application services in the cloud. Claris Connect provides connectors that are designed to be used with on-premise agents.

In Claris Connect, use an on-premise agent when you need to access data sources that are located a behind a firewall or are not accessible through the internet.

Supported actions

On-premise agents currently support only flow actions.

Configuration requirements

  • FileMaker Server must have a valid SSL certificate installed.

  • For MySQL 8.x, you must use the Secure Password authentication method.

Workflow for setting up an on-premise agent

You must complete the following tasks in the correct order to set up the on-premise agent:

  1. Install the agent

  2. Add data sources for the agent

  3. Use the agent in a new flow