Specifying text formats for fields

In Layout mode, you can specify a set of text attributes for each field object. All the characters in a given field object (including all of its repetitions if it refers to a repeating field) share the same font, size, style, color, line spacing, tab, and paragraph settings. But no attributes are shared between different field objects. For example, you can insert more than one field object that displays data from the same field, and each field object can have different text attributes.

Note  You can also change text attributes for field data in Browse mode (for example, italicize or underline a word for emphasis). Browse mode formatting overrides formats specified in Layout mode. Unlike text formats in Layout mode (which apply to specific layouts), Browse mode formats are stored with the data and are applied in any layout that displays the field. See Formatting text.

To specify text formats for fields:

  1. In Layout mode, select one or more fields.
  2. In the Inspector, click the Appearance Appearance tab.
  3. Select text options that you want.
  4. Press Enter or Tab, or click outside the Inspector to apply the changes.


  • Use the formatting bar (click Formatting Formatting bar button in the layout bar) or the shortcut menu for quick access to many text attributes. See Using the status toolbar.
  • For each theme, you can change the default font for fields (which is set by the Default style). See Changing the theme of a layout.