Extending (broadening) a found set

Extending a found set lets you expand your search to include additional applicable records without starting over, if you've constrained a previous find request too much. To find records that match multiple criteria in the same or different fields (a logical OR search), perform a find, specify the next criteria, then choose Requests menu > Extend Found Set.

To extend or broaden a found set:

  1. Perform a find so that your database contains a found set.

    See Making a find request.

  2. Switch back to Find mode and type the criteria to broaden the search.
  3. Choose Requests menu > Extend Found Set.


To first search for customers in New York, and then broaden the search to also include customers in Hong Kong:

  1. Perform a find for New York in the City field.
  2. Go to Find mode and enter a second find request: type Hong Kong in the City field.
  3. Choose Requests menu > Extend Found Set.