Finding empty or non-empty fields

  1. Start a find request.

    See Making a find request.

  2. To find fields that are

    Enter this in the field

    Not empty (fields that have data)




  3. Click Perform Find in the status toolbar.

To find empty container fields:

Use one of these methods:

  • Define a calculation field in the same table as the container field. In the calculation, use the GetAsText function. For example:
    GetAsText ( table::container )

    Place this calculation field on the same layout as the container field. Then perform a find request for records in which the calculation field is empty, as described above.

  • Define a script that shows all records and then omits each record with a non-empty container field. For example:
    Show All Records
    Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]
       If [ not IsEmpty ( table::container ) ]
          Omit Record
          Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next ; Exit after last: On ]
       End If
    End Loop


  • If any value is empty in a repeating field, then a search using "=" returns that field.
  • To find empty fields formatted as a checkbox set or a radio button set, in the find request, right-click the field, choose Operators, then choose =.