Using a field index

FileMaker Pro can create an index of values for each text, number, date, time, timestamp, and calculation field. You can view the values in the index, and insert them into a field to prevent typing values incorrectly.

Note  To use index values, indexing options must be enabled for the field. See Defining field indexing options.

To insert values from the index:

  1. In Browse mode or Find mode, click the field you want to insert an index value into.
  2. Choose Insert menu > From Index.
  3. In the View Index dialog box, choose a value, then click Paste.


  • You can enter two or more words in a field and have them treated as one word by the index. For example, you may want a name like Jean Louis to appear as one word in the View Index dialog box, even when Show individual words is selected. To have two or more words treated as one, enter the space between words by pressing Ctrl+Space bar (Windows) or Option-Space bar (macOS) instead of the Space bar alone.
  • For a text field, FileMaker Pro sorts the value index according to the index order of the field's default language. If you want to display the values in a specific language's dictionary sort order, select Re-sort values based on and choose a language. See Choosing a language for indexing or sorting.