Entering preset data from a value list

A field can display predetermined values as a radio button set, a checkbox set, a drop-down list, or a pop-up menu. You can use these value lists to quickly enter preset data.


Do this in Browse mode

Choose a predefined value from a drop-down list or pop-up menu

Click the field, then choose the value from the drop-down list or pop-up menu.

Type a value that isn't included in a list

Click the field again, then type the value.

Select a different suggestion in the list

Use the arrow keys, Page Up and Page Down keys, or Home and End keys.

Select a radio (option) button

Click the button to select the value. To clear a button, Shift-click it.

Select one or more checkboxes

Click a checkbox to select or clear values.

Enter a value that isn't included in a value list

Choose or click Other. Type a value in the dialog box, then click OK.

Clear an Other value

Choose or click Other. Delete the associated value in the dialog box, then click OK. (This action clears the field.)

Edit a value list

Choose Edit, then change the values in the dialog box. Click OK.

Open and close a drop-down list

Press Esc. If the field has an arrow control next to it, you can also click the arrow.

Open and close a pop-up menu

Windows: Press Esc.

macOS: Press the Space bar.

If the field has an arrow control next to it, you can also click the arrow.


  • The options available in a value list depend on the field setup. For example, the setup determines whether the Other or Edit items appear in radio button sets, checkbox sets, drop-down lists, or pop-up menus. See Setting up a field to display a pop-up menu, checkbox set, or other control.
  • If the field is defined with the Member of value list validation setting, you can't type a value that doesn't appear in the value list. See Defining field validation.
  • To use the keyboard to enter values for radio buttons and checkboxes, tab into the field and type the first letter of the value that you want to enter, or use the arrow keys to select it. Then, press the Space bar to enter the value.
  • You can Shift-click a radio button to clear it.
  • In some cases, Shift-click a radio button may not clear the field. For example, a field named Color is formatted on Layout #1 to display two radio buttons, Black and White. The Color field is formatted on Layout #2 as a text entry field that accepts any value. If a user enters Red in the field on Layout #2, the information is now stored in the field, but doesn't display on Layout #1. To clear the field from Layout #1, select the field, then choose Edit menu > Clear.