Working with data in date fields

When entering data in date fields, type dates as follows:

  • Enter the date in the system format used when the file was created.
  • Type one date on one line in each field.
  • Type the day, month, and year as numbers separated by a slash or other separator character. (Use the same character for each separator; for example, 2/3/2019. You can use any character as a separator except a letter, a colon (:), or a "+" sign.)


  • If you don't type a year in a date field and you haven't typed a separator character for a year, FileMaker Pro enters the current year. If you enter dates with two-digit years, such as 5/12/19, they are changed to four-digit years, as described in Entering dates with two-digit years.
  • If a field has been set up to display a drop-down calendar, you can select the field (or click the calendar icon) and choose a date.
  • Use Settings (Windows) or System Preferences (macOS) to change the day on which a week begins in a drop-down calendar.