Entering and changing data in fields

For information on the limits for each field type, search for the technical specifications in the Knowledge Base.


  • To type a tab character into a field, click where you want to insert the tab, then press Ctrl+Tab (Windows) or Option-Tab (macOS).
  • If a field contains a valid URL, you can open it in another application that you specify. See Using URLs in a field.
  • In Browse mode, you can use the keyboard to enter values for radio buttons and checkboxes. Tab into the field and type the first letter of the value that you want to enter, or use the arrow keys to select it. Then, press the Space bar to enter the value.
  • The way data appears depends on how a field is formatted in Layout mode, on the system formats used when the file was created, and on your computer's system formats. See Formatting and setting up field objects in Layout mode.
  • When working with files created on a computer using different system formats, you can choose whether to view data in its original system formats or in your own system formats. To use your own formats, verify that Use System Formats is checked on the Format menu. See Opening files with different system formats.
  • If you mix numbers and text in a number field that's used in a calculation or summary field, FileMaker Pro ignores the text when performing the calculation or summary.
  • Numbers can be entered using scientific notation; for example: 1.23E+15 or 1.23E-15.
  • For information on entering special characters, such as accent marks, see the Help for your operating system. (For example, type "enter special characters" for your search.)