Using URLs in a field

You can open a valid URL that appears in a field. FileMaker Pro opens the URL with the default application configured on your computer for the URL type. For example, http URLs will open in your default web browser.

To open a URL from a field:

  1. Click the field to select it, and select the entire URL.
  2. Right-click any part of the URL.
  3. Choose Open <URL> from the shortcut menu.

FileMaker Pro supports the fmp: protocol and the following URL schemes:

  • https://
  • mailto:
  • ldap://
  • ldaps://
  • ftp://
  • http://
  • gopher://
  • shttp://
  • file://
  • mailto://
  • news://
  • nntp://
  • telnet://

Tip  You can also hold down the Alt key (Windows) or the Command key (macOS) while clicking any part of the URL text to open the URL.