Restoring data in records

By default, FileMaker Pro saves changes to records automatically when you commit each record. If you enter data incorrectly in a record, you can restore the original data to the record as long as the information is not committed. See Committing data in records.

To restore original data to a record in Browse mode:

  • Choose Records menu > Revert Record.

    Data has already been committed if Revert Record is dimmed.


  • You can select Edit menu > Undo to revert changes in a field before you commit a record. Changes to the record are removed incrementally each time you select Edit menu > Undo.

    Edit menu > Redo restores changes incrementally, enabling you to restore a record to a specific state when you have made multiple changes before committing.

  • When you revert a record, any changes made to related data (such as related records displayed in a portal) are also reverted. See Committing data in records.