Opening files with different system formats

When you create database files, FileMaker Pro uses your computer's system formats to determine how dates, times, and numbers display and sort. If you open or share a database file created with different system formats, you can use your computer's system formats or match the formats used when the file was created.

To use your computer's system formats:

Choose Format menu > Use System Formats. The Use System Formats command appears in the Format menu when you open a file on a computer with different system formats or when you change system formats from what they were since the file was last opened.

The Use System Formats command doesn't interfere with any date, time, and number formatting you may have specified in Layout mode.

Note  You can also set a data entry file option that determines what should occur when the system formats in a file differ from the operating system. For more information, see Setting file options.

To change your system formats:

Change your system formats using Settings (Windows) or System Preferences (macOS).

To use the new settings, click System's settings when you reopen the file.

Note  A cloned database file inherits the system formats of the first operating system it is opened on. For more information, see Saving and copying files.