Returns a JSON object with information about an add-on.


GetAddonInfo ( addonID )


addonID - text that specifies the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) of an installed or packaged add-on.

Data type returned 


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This function searches for an add-on whose UUID matches the addonID parameter and returns information about the add-on. The search includes:

  • installed add-ons, which are in the current file

  • packaged add-ons, which aren't currently installed but are available to FileMaker Pro to be installed

If you're developing an add-on, you can use this function to get information at runtime about installed and packaged add-ons. For example, you can use the GetLayoutObjectOwnerInfo function to get the ID of the add-on that contains a given layout object, then pass that add-on ID to this function to get the add-on's name.

In the following example of the returned JSON object, the specified add-on was installed from the packaged add-on named "People" and renamed "Renamed People."

    "APIVers" : 2,
        "Name" : "Renamed People",
        "UUID" : "B79DDD6D-DDF2-4370-A3C9-F9DEF2C52992",
        "UsesLayoutPayload" : 1,
        "UsesRelationship" : 1
        "Name" : "People",
        "UUID" : "3CB70E8B-B45E-4EF1-B2DD-8CA7DDB3CDC1"

The following table describes the elements in the returned JSON object.

JSON element



Numeric value for the version of this JSON object's structure. If the structure of this JSON object changes in a subsequent release, this number will change.

Version 2: Added UsesLayoutPayload and UsesRelationship.


Object describing the add-on, if installed. Includes these keys:

  • Name – Add-on's name

  • UUID – Add-on's UUID

  • UsesLayoutPayload – Boolean that indicates whether the add-on adds layout objects when dragged to the current layout.

  • UsesRelationship – Boolean that indicates whether the add-on creates a relationship with the current table occurrence.


Object describing the packaged add-on. Includes these keys:

  • Name – Add-on's name

  • UUID – Add-on's UUID

Example 1 

Returns the JSON object shown above.

GetAddonInfo ( "B79DDD6D-DDF2-4370-A3C9-F9DEF2C52992" )