Converts a path in FileMaker format to a standard format.


ConvertFromFileMakerPath ( filemakerPath ; format )


filemakerPath - any text expression or text field containing a path in FileMaker format.

format - a named value that specifies the standard format in which to return the path (see below).

Data type returned 


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FileMaker clients and hosts internally use paths in the formats shown in Creating file paths to specify external files or FileMaker data sources. Before you can use these FileMaker paths to work with external systems, you need to convert a FileMaker path to a standard format that the external system supports.

Use the format parameter to specify one of the following standard path formats.

format parameter

For paths used by

Standard format


POSIX (Unix-like) operating systems—for example, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and Linux



Web-based systems—for example, Rest APIs and the Insert From URL script step

file:///directory/filename, if path is for a local file

fmp://host.domain/directory/filename, if a FileMaker Network path, which starts with fmnet:/


Windows operating systems

drive:\directory\filename, where drive is the drive letter

The FileMaker path of a hosted FileMaker Pro file can only be converted to a URL path that uses the fmp scheme. When a FileMaker path can’t be converted to the specified format, this function returns "?".


  • FileMaker paths that use path prefixes beginning with file, image, or movie and ending with win, mac, or linux are converted in the same way as the file prefix. See About path prefixes.

Example 1 

For filemakerPath

Returns for format

file:/Macintosh HD/etc/hosts

Full path to a local file on the root volume of a POSIX system

URLPath: file:///etc/hosts

PosixPath: /etc/hosts

WinPath: ?


Full path to a local file on a non-root volume of a POSIX system

URLPath: file:///Volumes/Clients/contacts.txt

PosixPath: /Volumes/Clients/contacts.txt

WinPath: ?

file:/C:/Users/John Smith/Documents/test.xlsx

Full path to a local file in Windows

URLPath: file:///C:/Users/John%20Smith/Documents/test.xlsx

PosixPath: ?

WinPath: C:\Users\John Smith\Documents\test.xlsx


Full path to a file on a remote Windows computer

URLPath: file://computerName/Documents/test.xlsx

PosixPath: ?

WinPath: \\computerName\Documents\test.xlsx

fmnet:/ Clients.fmp12

Full path to a hosted FileMaker Pro file

URLPath: fmp://

PosixPath: ?

WinPath: ?


A path relative to the current FileMaker Pro file

URLPath: ?

PosixPath: dir1/dir2/file.fmp12

WinPath: dir1\dir2\file.fmp12

Example 2 

ConvertFromFileMakerPath ( "file:Import/Sales.xlsx" ; PosixPath ) returns Import/Sales.xlsx.

Example 3 

For a Table::Filename field that contains "contacts.txt," returns file:///Users/UserName/Documents/contacts.txt (the path of this file in the current user’s Documents folder in URL format).

ConvertFromFileMakerPath ( 
    "file:" & Get ( DocumentsPath ) & Table::Filename ;