Freeze Window

Stops updating the active window.




Product Supported
FileMaker Pro Yes
FileMaker Go Yes
FileMaker WebDirect Yes
FileMaker Server No
FileMaker Cloud No
FileMaker Data API No
Custom Web Publishing No

Originated in version 

6.0 or earlier


Use Freeze Window to hide actions from the user while FileMaker Pro performs the remainder of the script. Use a Refresh Window or a Pause/Resume script step to resume updating the active window after a Freeze Window script step.


  • A Refresh Window step is not needed if it would be the last step in a script. FileMaker Pro turns off Freeze Window and refreshes the display when a script ends. Use Refresh Window to force a window update within a script.

Example 1 

Freezes the window, goes to the Print Invoices layout, prints, and returns to the original layout.

Freeze Window
Go to Layout ["Print Invoices"]
Print [Restore: Printer; With dialog: Off]
Go to Layout [original layout]

Example 2 

Freezes the window, then copies data from the Work Phone field to the Day Contact field in all records.

Freeze Window
Go to Record/Request/Page [First]
Loop [ Flush: Always ]
    Set Field [Customers::Day Contact; Customers::Work Phone]
    Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last: On]
End Loop