Adjust Window

Hides or changes the size of a window.


  • Resize to Fit resizes the window to the minimum size possible while keeping all items in the layout visible.
  • Maximize resizes the window to its maximum size.
  • Minimize reduces the window to an icon on the taskbar (Windows) or Dock (macOS).
  • Restore returns the window to its previous size.
  • Hide hides the current database window from view. This option is equivalent to the Hide Window menu command


Product Supported
FileMaker Pro Yes
FileMaker Go Partial
FileMaker WebDirect Partial
FileMaker Server No
FileMaker Cloud No
FileMaker Data API No
Custom Web Publishing No

Originated in version 

6.0 or earlier


Adjust Window acts on the active window of the current script's file.


  • If a window is hidden using this script step, FileMaker Go does not hide the window, but it moves the window to the end of the list of open windows.
  • macOS: This script step has no effect on a full-screen window, and returns an error code.
  • If the active window is a card, only the Resize to Fit option is available. Once Resize to Fit runs, the Restore option is available.
  • In FileMaker WebDirect, only the Resize to Fit option is available, which works with cards.

Example 1 

Goes to the Print Invoices layout, enters Preview mode, and resizes the window to fit the viewing area.

Go to Layout ["Print Invoices"]
Enter Preview Mode [Pause: Off]
Adjust Window [Resize to Fit]