Returns the field formatting applied to fieldName on layoutName in fileName.


FieldStyle ( fileName ; layoutName ; fieldName )


fileName - the name of an open database file (local or remote).

layoutName - the name of a layout in the specified database file.

fieldName - the name of a field on the specified layout.

Data type returned 


Originated in version 

6.0 or earlier


If the field has a value list associated with it, the FieldStyle function also returns the name of the value list.

  • A standard field returns Standard.
  • A standard field with a vertical scroll bar returns Scrolling.
  • A drop-down list returns Popuplist.
  • A pop-up menu returns Popupmenu.
  • A checkbox returns Checkbox.
  • A radio button returns RadioButton.
  • A drop-down calendar returns Calendar.

Example 1 

On the Data Entry layout in the Customers database file, FieldStyle ( "Customers" ; "Data Entry" ; "Current Customer" ) returns RadioButton Yes/No List when the Current Customer field is formatted as a radio button and is associated with the value list named Yes/No List.