Returns the number and orientation of repetitions of a repeating field as formatted on a layout.


FieldRepetitions ( fileName ; layoutName ; fieldName )


fileName - the name of an open database file (local or remote).

layoutName - the name of a layout in the specified file.

fieldName - the name of a field on the specified layout.

Data type returned 


Originated in version 

6.0 or earlier


This function returns the number of repetitions of a repeating field as it is currently formatted on a layout, and the orientation of the field repetitions (horizontal or vertical).

The number of repetitions of fieldName as it is currently formatted could be different from the number of repetitions when the field was defined. If fieldName isn't a repeating field, it returns 1 vertical.

Example 1 

FieldRepetitions ( "Customers" ; "Data Entry" ; "Business Phone" ) returns 3 vertical if the Business Phone field is defined as a repeating field with five repetitions but is formatted to only show three repetitions in a vertical orientation on the Data Entry layout.