Returns the content of the object in which the calculation is defined.





Data type returned 

text, number, date, time, timestamp

Originated in version 



The Self function provides a way for a calculation to reference the content of the object with which it is associated without having to explicitly reference the object. With Self, you can create a single calculation formula that can be applied to different objects.

The Self function can only be used in conditional formatting, tooltips, placeholder text, the Hide object when Inspector option, the Title and Help Accessibility Inspector options, and field definition calculations (including auto-enter and validation calculations).

Example 1 

This example formula can be used in an object's conditional formatting panel to set text formatting when the number entered in the field is greater than 10.

self > 10 returns 1 (True) when applied to a layout field object whose value is greater than 10.

Example 2 

Use the following example in a layout object's tooltip calculation to display different tooltip text according to whether or not a value less than zero was entered.

if ( self < 0 ; "Value is less than zero" ; "Value is zero or greater" )