Go to Object

Moves to the specified object on the current layout.


  • Object Name is the named object to make active on the current layout. See Naming objects.
  • Repetition (optional) lets you choose a field's repetition to go to. Otherwise defaults to 1. This option is ignored if the object is not a field.


Product Supported
FileMaker Pro Yes
FileMaker Go Yes
FileMaker WebDirect Yes
FileMaker Server Yes
FileMaker Cloud products Yes
FileMaker Data API Yes
Custom Web Publishing Yes

Originated in version 



This script step uses an object name to identify an object, so you must assign a unique object name to each object on a layout that you want to go to.


  • If this script step specifies an object on a tab panel or a slide panel that is not the frontmost panel, the specified object is selected and the panel it is on moves to the front of the panel control.
  • If the script step specifies a field on a popover, the popover opens.

Example 1 

Navigates to a text field named "First Name".

Go to Object [Object Name: "First Name"]

Example 2 

Navigates between different tabs of a tab control.

If [Invoices::Status = "Paid"]
    Go to Object [Object Name: "Invoice Statement Tab"]
Else If [Invoices::Status = "Unpaid"]
    Go to Object [Object Name: "Invoice Payment Tab"]
End If

Example 3 

Navigates to either the "Paid" tab or the "Unpaid" tab in a tab control depending on the value of Invoices::Status.

Go to Layout ["Invoice Details"]
Go to Object [Object Name: Invoices::Status]