Claris Connect for Apple School Manager User Guide

Welcome! This guide describes how Apple School Manager and Claris Connect work together to connect with your Student Information System (SIS) or upload school data in the CSV (comma-separated value) file format.

Apple School Manager is a web-based portal for school IT administrators that integrates with SISes and CSV school data. This integration allows you to merge your district’s data to Apple School Manager. See Apple School Manager User Guide.

Claris Connect is a cloud-based integration platform that allows you to create entire workflows by connecting applications (also called apps). Using Claris Connect, you can set up a daily data transfer from your SIS to Apple School Manager. The transfer runs automatically thereafter. You can also upload school data CSV files to Apple School Manager using an SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) client and a Claris Connect file account.


This guide is for school district IT administrators who:

  • have access to their district’s SIS portal or CSV school data

  • have access to their district’s Apple School Manager portal

  • have been invited to create a Claris Connect account for their district’s organization (also called a team in Claris Connect)

    Note  After your school has signed up for Claris Connect for Apple School Manager, you will receive an email invitation to start the set-up process.

Supported Student Information Systems

Claris Connect supports Aeries, Follett Aspen, and Skyward, as well any other SIS that conforms to the OneRoster 1.1 or 1.2 specification. For detailed information on working with your SIS, in Claris Connect Help, see:

Uploading CSV files using an SFTP client

For detailed information on uploading CSV files with an SFTP client, see Uploading school data to Apple School Manager in Claris Connect Help.