Claris Server and FileMaker Server Installation and Configuration Guide

Note  This document uses "FileMaker" to refer to both FileMaker products and Claris products, unless otherwise specified.

FileMaker Server is a dedicated database server that hosts databases created using FileMaker Pro so that data can be shared and modified by FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect clients, and by other client applications supported by the FileMaker Server Web Publishing Engine and the FileMaker Data API Engine.

FileMaker Server runs in Windows (FileMaker Server only), macOS (FileMaker Server only), and Linux (FileMaker Server and Claris Server) operating systems.

Before you install, confirm that your machines meet the minimum requirements. See the FileMaker platform technical specifications and Claris platform technical specifications.

For information about assisted installation, see FileMaker Server Network Install Setup Guide.

Requirements for Admin Console

FileMaker Server Admin Console is a web-based application that lets you configure and administer FileMaker Server. You can use Admin Console on machines that have network access to FileMaker Server and a supported web browser.