Claris FileMaker Server 19 Network Install Setup Guide

This document explains how to configure the installation of Claris® FileMaker Server® 19 for Windows, macOS, or Linux over a network.

Your electronic download contains FileMaker Server installers for Windows, macOS, and Linux. All use of this software is subject to the terms of your license agreement.

About assisted installations

Assisted installation makes it easier to install multiple deployments of FileMaker Server. You enter required information (such as an organization name) in a personalization file and then make the file available on your network. The file is used to install FileMaker Server on computers in your organization.

You can also set up a silent (unattended) installation, which suppresses display of the installation screens. See About silent assisted installations (Windows), About silent installations (macOS), or About silent installations (Linux).

After you edit the personalization file and make it and the FileMaker Server installation files available on the network, users can perform an assisted installation. See How users perform an assisted installation (Windows and macOS).

After an assisted installation of FileMaker Server, users must use Admin Console on the primary machine and the Deployment assistant on secondary machines to set up their multiple-machine deployments of FileMaker Server. Instruct users to see FileMaker Server Installation and Configuration Guide.