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Frequently asked questions

How do I import data into Claris Studio?

There's more than one way to bring data into Claris Studio.

Import a CSV file into a spreadsheet view

In a Claris Studio spreadsheet view, you can choose Table Actions > Import from CSV. This method is limited to importing 1000 records at a time.

Import data with FileMaker Pro

In a custom app, you can choose File > Import Records > File to import data in one of several supported file formats into a linked Claris Studio table.

Which Claris Studio fields also work in FileMaker Pro apps?

Most field types in Claris Studio are supported in FileMaker Pro custom apps. That means data in most Claris Studio fields will appear in fields of the corresponding type in custom apps.

For unsupported field types, the Claris Studio data isn't accessible in FileMaker Pro apps.

Why can't my invited users access Claris Studio?

When team managers invite new users, here are some common problems they encounter and possible solutions.

Problem Solution

User doesn't have a Claris ID yet and can't get past the sign-in page.

When a team manager invites users, they receive an invitation email. Invited users must click the Join link in the email. When the sign-in page appears, new users must click Sign up, then create an account using the same address the invitation email was sent to.

Claris Studio Sign-in or Sign-up page with sign up indicated

New user created an account but never received the verification code in email.

Ask the user to check their spam or junk folder for a "Claris ID Verification Code" email.

If they can't find the email message or deleted it, you can resend it. See Invite users to a team.

If they haven't used the verification code within 24 hours, it has expired and they'll need to contact Customer Support.