Claris FileMaker Cloud 2.19 Getting Started Guide

Claris® FileMaker Cloud® is a service that provides access in the cloud to custom apps (databases) that use Claris FileMaker Pro®, Claris FileMaker Go®, and Claris FileMaker WebDirect®. FileMaker Cloud uses the Claris ID integrated sign-on system to authenticate users and is offered directly from Claris International Inc.

FileMaker Cloud subscription

FileMaker Cloud offers an annual subscription for one or more years. Before you purchase a FileMaker Cloud subscription, determine the number of users you will need for your subscription.

Your FileMaker Cloud subscription includes:

  • FileMaker Cloud

  • FileMaker Pro

  • FileMaker Go

  • FileMaker WebDirect

  • Claris FileMaker Data API and OData (Open Data Protocol) annual limit

To upgrade your FileMaker Cloud subscription, see Claris Customer Console Help.

FileMaker Cloud system requirements

FileMaker Cloud hardware and software requirements are listed here: FileMaker Cloud Technical Specifications.