Claris OData API and FileMaker OData API Guide

Note  This document uses “FileMaker” to refer to both FileMaker products and Claris products, unless otherwise specified.

Open Data Protocol (OData) is an industry-standard API implementation that provides a standard method for querying and updating data, allowing REST API clients to access FileMaker data hosted by FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker Server. OData conforms to Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture and is therefore a REST API. OData is similar to Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), as it gives third-party applications such as Excel a standard method for accessing FileMaker data. See OData 4.0 Protocol.

In addition, OData returns data in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and Atom Syndication Format (Atom). JSON is a text format that is commonly used with REST APIs because it is compact and human readable. Atom is an XML format used for creating and updating web resources, and is supported for applications that use XML-structured data instead of JSON.

This guide assumes you're experienced with:

  • using FileMaker Pro to create databases. You should understand the basics of FileMaker Pro database design and the concepts of fields, tables, relationships, and containers. See Claris Pro and FileMaker Pro Help.

  • using FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud to host databases. You should understand how to set up the host, enable access to hosted databases, and monitor hosted databases using Admin Console.

    See FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker Server product documentation in the Product Documentation Center.

  • using REST APIs in server-side applications or web services that call POST, GET, PATCH, and DELETE methods.