Saving and sending records as an Excel file

  1. Display the layout that shows the fields you want to include in the Excel file.

    See Switching between layouts.

  2. In Browse or Layout mode, choose File menu > Save/Send Records As > Excel.

    In Preview mode, click Save As Excel in the status toolbar.

  3. In the Save Records As Excel dialog box, enter a name for the file and specify other options.
  4. Click Save.


  • All fields on the current layout are included in the Excel file, except fields on popovers and fields that are not on the frontmost panel of a panel control. Even fields that would be hidden by the Hide object when option are included. If you want more control over which fields appear in the Excel file, then export records instead. See Exporting data from FileMaker Pro.
  • All the records in a repeating field will be exported into a single cell.
  • Your access privileges must allow exporting in order to save Excel files. See your database administrator.