Saving and sending records in other formats

You can save FileMaker Pro data as Microsoft Excel files, as PDF files, or as a snapshot link in all modes except Find mode. You can save the current record or all the records in the current found set.

Creating an Excel file lets you export FileMaker Pro data from the current layout and found set and work with it in an Excel worksheet. Creating a PDF file lets you store the current state of your file in a static document that you can protect with a password if you want. You can also append FileMaker Pro records to an existing FileMaker Pro PDF file. Creating a snapshot link lets you send a found set of records.

In order to save files as Excel or PDF, you need the following access privileges:

  • Allow exporting to save Excel files
  • Allow printing to save PDF files

When you save an Excel or PDF file or a snapshot link, FileMaker Pro lets you create a new email with the file attached, so you can send it to others. For Excel and PDF files, you can also choose to open the file after saving.

For more information, see Editing other privileges.

Tip  You can also import read-only data from Excel files into FileMaker Pro files. See Setting up recurring imports and Importing data into an existing file.