Duplicate Record/Request

Duplicates the current record or the current find request.




Product Supported
FileMaker Pro Yes
FileMaker Go Yes
FileMaker WebDirect Yes
FileMaker Server Yes
FileMaker Cloud Yes
FileMaker Data API Yes
Custom Web Publishing Yes

Originated in version 

6.0 or earlier


In Browse mode, this script step makes a duplicate of the current record. In Find mode, it duplicates the current find request.

If the record has a field set up for automatic entry of values, this script step does not duplicate the value in the field of the current record. In that case, FileMaker Pro generates and enters a new value for the duplicated record. If the field is defined as a lookup or if the Do not replace existing value of field (if any) option is selected for the field, FileMaker Pro duplicates the value from the current record.

To use the Duplicate Record/Request script step with portal rows that display related records, first use the Go to Portal Row script step, and then use the Duplicate Record/Request step. Using the Duplicate Record/Request step when a portal row is selected will duplicate the selected row in the related table. This option is only available when the option to allow creation of related records has been enabled for the relationship.

Example 1 

Performs a find, goes to the last record, and duplicates the record.

Perform Find [Restore]
Go to Record/Request/Page [Last]
Duplicate Record/Request