Converting the trial version to the full version of FileMaker Pro

You can convert your copy of the trial version of FileMaker Pro to the full version of FileMaker Pro without uninstalling the trial version. All your settings, recent files list, and favorite files and hosts are preserved, so you can continue working with your FileMaker Pro data uninterrupted.

Note  You must have an internet connection to convert a trial version of FileMaker Pro, as described below.

To convert the trial version to the full version of FileMaker Pro:

  1. Start your trial copy of FileMaker Pro. In the FileMaker Pro License dialog box that appears, click Buy Now.

    If the trial version is already running, choose Help menu > Buy FileMaker Pro.

  2. Follow the onscreen instructions for purchasing FileMaker Pro.

    You will receive an email message with a link to your Electronic Software Download page. Your license certificate file is available from that page. Keep your license certificate file in a safe place in case the software ever needs to be reinstalled.

  3. After you’ve downloaded your license certificate file, return to the FileMaker Pro License dialog box, and click Enter License.
  4. In the next FileMaker Pro License dialog box, click Browse and choose the license certificate file you downloaded.
    • Windows: You may be asked to provide administrator login credentials for your computer.
    • If you purchased a boxed version of FileMaker Pro, your license key is in the box. Instead of choosing a license certificate file, enter your license key in the FileMaker Pro License dialog box and click OK. If you entered an upgrade license key, the FileMaker Pro Upgrade dialog box appears. Enter the license key for the earlier product and click OK.
  5. Begin working with the full version of FileMaker Pro.