Changing the width of a layout

You can expand or reduce the width of a layout to accommodate more objects or eliminate blank space on the layout. Making a layout wider helps you see the edge of the layout without resizing the window.

To change the width of a layout:

  • Drag the gray line on the right side of the layout.


  • Use auto-resize settings to automatically resize objects. See Setting auto-resize options for layout objects.
  • You can place objects on the gray area to the right of the layout. This lets you store objects with a layout, yet prevent them from appearing in Browse, Find, and Preview modes.

    Objects located in the gray area:

    • are available for use in script steps.
    • do not appear in Browse mode regardless of auto-resize settings.
    • are skipped in the tab order.
    • appear in dialog box lists and in Table View (field objects).