Working with layout parts

FileMaker Pro layouts are divided into layout parts, sections of the layout that determine how data in a field is treated and displayed. By using parts, you can control how FileMaker Pro displays data.

Each layout must have at least one part. Layout parts can contain fields, portals, buttons, text, charts and other objects. In Layout mode, gray horizontal lines mark the division between layout parts (part boundaries).

Part labels display horizontally or vertically on the left side of a layout.

Part labels and part boundaries

To switch part labels between the vertical and horizontal position:

  • Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (macOS) a part label

    Tip  Hold down the mouse button on a vertical part label to display it horizontally for a moment.

Parts are assigned styles that are defined by the theme of the layout. You can use the Inspector to customize part styles. See Setting the fill, line style, borders, shadows, and padding.