Changing a slide control

  1. In Layout mode, double-click the slide control.

    Or, select the slide control and choose Format menu > Slide Control Setup.

  2. Do one or more of the following.
  3. To

    Do this

    Add a slide panel

    Click Add slide panel button.

    The new panel is added to the right of the active (current) panel and becomes the active panel.

    Remove a slide panel

    Click Delete slide panel button.

    Any objects on the slide panel are also removed.

    Select a slide panel

    See Selecting and working with objects on panel controls.

    Allow swiping the slide panels to move through them on devices that support gestures

    Select Enable swipe gestures.

    Display dots on slide panels

    Select Show navigation dots.

    Change the size of the dots

    Select Show navigation dots, then type or choose a value.

    Move between slide panels

    Do one of the following:

    • Click Move to the previous panel button or Move to the next panel button.
    • Click the dots on or below slide panels.

    Reorder the panels within a slide control

    Drag a dot on the slide control to the new position.

    Note  You can't drag dots to move slide panels between slide controls.

    Set the slide panel you want in front by default

    Select Show navigation dots, then drag the slide panel to the leftmost position.

  4. To add objects to a slide panel, use the layout tools in the status toolbar, choose from the Insert menu, or drag objects onto the panel.


  • You cannot place a slide control in a portal.
  • When you use scripts to control slide panel navigation, animations are off by default. To turn on animation, see Controlling animations.