Add Account

Adds a new FileMaker file account.


  • Account Name is the name for the new account.
  • Password is the password for the new account.
  • Privilege Set lets you assign a predefined privilege set for this user or create a new privilege set.

    The Full Access privilege set cannot be assigned via this script step. Accounts with Full Access privilege sets must be created manually.

  • User must change password on next login forces users to change their password the next time they log in to the database.


Product Supported
FileMaker Pro Yes
FileMaker Go Yes
FileMaker WebDirect Yes
FileMaker Server Yes
FileMaker Cloud Yes
FileMaker Data API Yes
Custom Web Publishing Yes

Originated in version 



The account name and password can be literals stored with this script step, or generated at runtime based on calculations that you set up.


  • This script step works only with FileMaker file accounts.
  • Account names must be unique.
  • You must be assigned the Full Access privilege set to perform this script step. To enable users with less than full access privileges to perform this script step, right-click the current script in the scripts pane and choose Grant Full Access Privileges.

Example 1 

Adds a new user account with data entry only privileges. Requires you to change the password the next time you log in to the account.

Add Account [Account Name: "User"; Password: "1234"; Privilege Set: "[Data Entry Only]"; Expire password]

Example 2 

Adds a new account with read-only privileges using the name and password in the custom dialog box.

Show Custom Dialog ["Do you want to add a new account?"; Accounts::Name; Accounts::Password]
If [Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1]
    Add Account [Account Name: Accounts::Name; Password: Accounts::Password; Privilege Set: "[Read-Only Access]"]
End If

Example 3 

Adds a new data entry only account unless the current user has read-only privileges. Uses the current user's name for the new account name.

If [Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName ) ≠ "[Read-Only Access]"]
    Add Account [Account Name: Get ( UserName ); Password: "1234"; Privilege Set: "[Data Entry Only]"; Expire password]
    Show Custom Dialog ["You do not have enough privileges to add an account."]
End If