Retrieving custom apps and log files (FileMaker Cloud)

Note  The following information is for FileMaker Cloud team managers.

If you didn’t convert your trial or renew your FileMaker Cloud subscription, your cloud compute (instance) will be terminated. However, you can download your custom apps (database files) and log files from FileMaker Cloud Admin Console by temporarily restarting the cloud compute within 45 days of termination.

After your cloud compute has been restarted, you have only four hours to download your files.

Important  Restarting your cloud compute temporarily is only for downloading your files. You will not be able to open your files in FileMaker Cloud.

To retrieve your data:

  1. In Claris Customer Console, go to the Hosts page.

  2. Click Restart Cloud Compute Temporarily.

  3. Wait about 10 minutes for the cloud compute to restart.

  4. On the Hosts page, when the host’s status changes to Online, click Go to FileMaker Cloud Admin Console.

  5. In FileMaker Cloud Admin Console, click Databases.

  6. For database files that were encrypted by FileMaker Cloud, retrieve the encryption passwords.

  7. Click the options menu next to each database, and choose Show Encryption Password. Save and store the passwords in a secure place.

  8. To download databases, click the down arrow next to each database, and choose Download.

  9. To download log files, click Logs. Click Select, choose the log, then click Download.