Trigger Claris Connect Flow

Triggers a Claris Connect flow and sends the specified JSON data.


  • URL specifies the Claris Connect webhook URL.

  • JSON Data specifies data in the JSON format that needs to be sent along to the webhook URL.

  • AppID:APIKey for Webhooks specifies the AppID and APIKey for Claris Connect webhook authorization.

  • Target specifies the field or variable whose contents you want to replace. If no field or variable is specified and a field is selected in Browse mode or Find mode, that field is used.

  • Flow specifies the Claris Connect flow selected from the Select Claris Connect Flow dialog. You must be signed in as a Claris ID user who is in a Claris Connect team to be able to select a flow. The Flow value is only for informational purposes, is set at the time the flow is selected using the dialog, and will not be updated if the name is changed in Claris Connect.


Product Supported

FileMaker Pro


FileMaker Go


FileMaker WebDirect


FileMaker Server


FileMaker Cloud


FileMaker Data API


Custom Web Publishing


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Automate triggering a Claris Connect flow using a Claris Connect webhook. For information about Claris Connect flows, webhooks, AppIDs, and APIKeys, see Claris Connect Help.

Example 1 

Triggers the "ExampleFlow" flow which uses the "" webhook, providing JSON data, then setting the "SampleTableName:SampleFieldName" field with the result from the interaction.

Trigger Claris Connect Flow [ Flow: "ExampleFlow" ; URL: "" ; JSON Data: JSONSetElement ( "" ; "abc" ; "xyz" ; JSONString ) ; Target: SampleTableName:SampleFieldName ]