Printing records

  1. Find and sort the records you want to print.

    See Finding records and Sorting records.

    Tip  To see how your paper copy will look prior to printing, click Preview in the layout bar (Browse mode).

  2. Choose File menu > Print.
  3. In the Print dialog box, for Print, choose an option (Windows) or choose FileMaker Pro from the pop-up menu (macOS).
  4. To print


    All records in the found set

    Records being browsed

    Only the record currently selected in Browse mode

    Current record

    A blank record using the current layout (use this option to print a blank "form")

    Blank record, showing fields, then choose a formatting option

    macOS: If you don't see the options, click Show Details.

  5. Select other printer settings, then click OK (Windows) or Print (macOS).

    Other print options depend on the printer and system software you're using. Refer to your printer and system documentation.


  • You can "close up" blank space when printing records with varying amounts of data by specifying sliding options. You can also use merge fields to eliminate extra blank space in field data. See Removing blank spaces in printouts and Placing merge fields on a layout.
  • When you print a field or a portal with a scroll bar, FileMaker Pro prints only the data visible without scrolling. To print all the data, duplicate the layout and enlarge the field or portal to display the largest possible amount of data. Then specify sliding options to remove the extra blank space when you print. See Working with fields on a layout and Removing blank spaces in printouts.
  • When you print layouts containing panel controls, only the frontmost tab panel or slide panel prints.
  • You can print popover buttons, but not popovers or the contents of popovers.
  • Navigation parts and any objects in them do not print or preview.
  • Placeholder text will only print when you chose to print a blank record showing the placeholder text; it does not print in records being browsed or in the current record.
  • You can view and print only the data that fits within the field boundaries. You can change the boundaries by resizing the field in Layout mode. See Resizing and reshaping objects.
  • In Preview mode, you see:
    • how many records fit on a printed page
    • how the pagination settings you choose affect page breaks (see Defining page breaks and numbering)
    • subsummary parts with calculated summary fields
    • variable information supplied by FileMaker Pro, like page numbers or the current date
    • the page margins you define (see Specifying page margins)
    • how fields set with sliding options close up blank space
    • records arranged in columns if the Layout Setup dialog box is configured to print in columns (see Setting up to print records in columns)
    • popover buttons and the frontmost panels of panel controls