Changing a layout part

  1. In Layout mode, choose Layouts menu > Part Setup.
  2. In the Part Setup dialog box, select the part, then click Change.
  3. In the Part Definition dialog box, make your changes.
  4. To change

    Do this

    From one type of part to another

    Select a different part type. Changes you can make depend on the part's location and function.

    The break field for a subsummary part

    First choose the table that contains the field from the tables list above the list of fields. Then select the field name in the list of fields.

    Page breaks and page numbering

    See Defining page breaks and numbering.

    Layout part color

    See Setting the fill, line style, borders, shadows, and padding.

    To quickly change a layout part color, right-click the part label.

    Whether records in List View are displayed with an alternating fill, as specified by the Alternate display state

    Select or deselect Use alternate row state.

    Whether the current (or active) record is displayed with a different fill from the other records in List View, as specified by the Active display state

    Select or deselect Use active row state.

    The order of layout parts

    Drag the name of the part to the new location. (A part that can't be moved displays Lock icon to the left of its name.)

    Note  While working in Layout mode, you can click the Selection tool Selection tool in the status toolbar and Shift-drag the line that marks the bottom of the part.

    Delete a part and objects on the part

    Drag objects you want to keep to another part on the layout. With the arrow pointer, click the part label, then press Backspace or Delete.

    Delete a part without deleting objects on the part

    Select the part label with the arrow pointer. Press Ctrl+Backspace (Windows) or Option-Delete (macOS).

    The part below the deleted part is enlarged for the retained objects.

    Note  This method works only when there is a part below the one you want to delete.


  • Dimmed types are not available because either:
    • that part type already exists (only subsummary parts can exist more than once on a layout)
    • the part you're changing is not in the right place on the layout (for example, a title header must be at the top of the layout)
  • You can delete all but the last layout part from a layout and the objects it holds.