Adding a layout part

  1. In Layout mode, drag the Part tool Part tool in the status toolbar to the layout.

    Or, choose Insert menu > Part.

  2. In the Part Definition dialog box, select the type of layout part you want.

    See About layout part types for a description of each part type.

    Part types that are already on the layout are dimmed. (Only subsummary parts can exist more than once on a layout.)

  3. If you're adding a subsummary part, after you click Sub-summary when sorted by, select the name of the field that you want to group the records by (the break field).

    You can choose a field in another table by first choosing a table name from the tables list above the list of fields.

    When the records are sorted by the break field, all records with the same value in that field are grouped so that FileMaker Pro can calculate subsummary data. (For example, if you wanted to subtotal sales figures for each region, the break field would be Region.) See Sorting records by subsummary values.


  • You can add fields, portals, graphic objects, and text to any layout part. FileMaker Pro considers an object to be in a part when the top of the object is in or just touching the part. For example, if the top of a field touches the bottom division line of the header part, the field displays and prints only in the header and not in the body.
  • The amount of blank space above and below objects in the body part determines the spacing between records when you print a layout, preview a layout, or view a layout as a list (click List View List View button in the layout bar).
  • To print a cover page for a report, add a title header part and resize it to the size of a page. You can then add a regular header, a regular footer, and any other layout parts you want to appear on subsequent pages.