Enable Touch Keyboard

Enables or disables the touch keyboard.


  • On enables the touch keyboard.
  • Off disables the touch keyboard.
  • Toggle switches between enabling and disabling the touch keyboard.


Product Supported
FileMaker Pro Partial
FileMaker Go Yes
FileMaker WebDirect No
FileMaker Server No
FileMaker Cloud No
FileMaker Data API No
Custom Web Publishing No

Originated in version 



Use this script to enable or disable the touch keyboard in FileMaker Go or Windows. Enable Touch Keyboard is used only for fields; it has no impact on the touch keyboard for dialog boxes.

You can use the Get(TouchKeyboardState) function to check the current setting of the touch keyboard.

Example 1 

In FileMaker Go, enables the touch keyboard.

Enable Touch Keyboard [On]

Example 2 

Checks the current setting of the touch keyboard and disables the touch keyboard if it is enabled.

If [ Get ( TouchKeyboardState ) = 1]
    Enable Touch Keyboard [Off]
End If