Adding text to a layout

In Layout mode, you can add text to a layout to make it easier to use and understand. For example, you can add field labels for fields, create a form letter (with merge fields displaying data), or insert the current date, page number, or record number.

Note  To add or change text in your database fields, switch to Browse mode. See Adding and viewing data.

To type text on a layout:

  1. In Layout mode, click the Text tool Text tool in the status toolbar.
  2. With the I-beam pointer, do one of the following:
    • Click where you want to add text, which creates a small text block that enlarges when you type text into it.
    • Drag to define the maximum line length for the text.

    You see a blinking insertion point.

  3. Type the text.

    To set text formatting options such as font, style, line spacing, text color, and alignment, see Formatting text.


  • Text blocks that are typed or pasted onto a layout are objects, which you can manipulate in the same way as any other object. For example, you can assign a background color or border, or rotate a text object. For more information, see Editing objects, layout parts, and the layout background.
  • Although you can add text anywhere on a layout, the layout part where you place the text determines how the text appears in Browse mode or Preview mode (for example, once for each record, only at the top of the report, and so on). For more information on layout parts, see About layout part types.
  • To create a form letter, create a Blank layout, and then use the Text tool to create a large text block for the letter. Type the text of your letter, and insert merge fields for fields like name and address. For more information, see Creating a layout and Placing merge fields on a layout.