Selecting and working with portals

You can resize, edit, and delete portals in Layout mode.

To select a portal:

  • With the arrow pointer, click the border of the portal, or any other area within the portal that doesn't contain a field or object.

To resize a portal row:

  1. Select the portal by clicking the border of the portal, or any other area within the portal that doesn't contain a field or object.

    You see selection handles at each corner of the first portal row.

  2. Drag a selection handle.

    The first row resizes and each additional row resizes to match the first row.

  3. If necessary, resize the field objects and any other objects that appear within the portal.

To change the record options or display options for a portal:

To delete a portal and its contents:

  • With the arrow pointer, select the portal, then press Backspace or Delete, or choose Edit menu > Clear.


  • In Layout mode, a portal object displays its characteristics in the lower-left corner of the object: its table name, the range of rows that the portal will display, a plus sign (+) if vertical scrolling is enabled, Filter if filtering is enabled, and Sort if sorting is enabled.
  • Filtering records is performed before sorting records.
  • Filtering records is intended for display purposes only, not for security purposes. Filtering records has no effect on the results of calculations, summaries, and find requests.
  • If you can't see all the records in a portal showing records from a related table, select Allow vertical scrolling in the Portal Setup dialog box. This allows you to scroll through more related records than are displayed, and to enter new related records. See Creating portals to display related records.
  • You can display objects other than fields in the first row of a portal. An object placed in the first row of a portal is displayed once for each record.
  • You can't place a tab control or a web viewer in a portal. If you place these objects in a portal, they appear as objects on the layout that overlap the portal.
  • You can place a popover button in a portal as long as the associated popover does not contain a portal.
  • You can place portals in any layout part, but a portal cannot contain another portal.
  • To number the rows in a portal, in Layout mode, click in the first portal row where you want numbers to display, then choose Insert menu > Record Number Symbol. Numbers appear in portal rows in Browse and Preview modes, and when you print the layout. See Inserting the date, page number, or other variable onto a layout.