Setting script triggers for objects

  1. Create the script that you want a script trigger to run.
  2. In Layout mode, select a layout.
  3. Select one or more objects.
  4. Choose Format menu > Set Script Triggers.
  5. In the Set Script Triggers dialog box, double-click the event that you want to run the script.
  6. In the Specify Script dialog box, choose the script.
  7. (Optional) To specify a script parameter, type the text you want. Or, click Edit and use the Specify Calculation dialog box to build a more complex parameter, then click OK.
  8. Click OK to close the Specify Script dialog box.
  9. In the Set Script Triggers dialog box, select modes for the script trigger.
  10. Click OK.

    A badge Layout script trigger badge on a layout or Object script trigger badge for small objects appears on the object or objects on which you set the script trigger. (The badge that appears depends on the size of the object.) If you don't see a badge, choose View menu > Show > Script Triggers.


  • Changes made to an object in one layout will not activate script triggers on the same object in a different layout.
  • To disable a script trigger without removing it, clear the mode checkboxes.
  • If you select multiple objects that have different settings for a script trigger, the Set Script Triggers dialog box displays a minus sign ("-") to indicate that the trigger has not been set on some of the objects.