Displaying databases in Kiosk mode

Note  This feature is available when the Use advanced tools general preference is selected. See Using advanced tools.

Use Kiosk mode to display your custom apps on a full screen—such as at an information kiosk—without toolbars or menus. You can design your app to run through a touch screen.

Begin by planning on paper how users will navigate your Kiosk solution. Note the following:

  • The primary file is the main database that users see first in your Kiosk solution.
  • The primary file must contain buttons that users can click to navigate through the app, close the files, and quit FileMaker Pro. Decide what will happen when each button is clicked, and give users a way to get back to the beginning of your app from each layout.
  • If your Kiosk solution will run on a touch screen, use large buttons and allow space between buttons.
  • Limit the number of options available on one screen.
  • To further control what users see, create startup scripts that display a specific layout when a file is opened.
  • Because Preview mode disables buttons, make sure that any Enter Preview Mode script step is followed by a Pause/Resume Script script step, and specify an amount of time the script should remain in Preview mode. Place an Enter Browse Mode script step after the Pause/Resume Script script step.