Example backup script

You can use the following script to save automated backup copies of a FileMaker Pro database.

This script saves a copy of your database on the fifth close and every fifth close thereafter. To make the script work, you need to define a global field called Count Field in one of the tables in your database. If you do not define a global number field, FileMaker Pro may increment a different record each time you close the application. You should define this script in all custom app files that require backups.

To create the script:

  1. Choose Scripts menu > Script Workspace. Or, choose File menu > Manage > Scripts.
  2. In the Script Workspace, click New script button.

    For details on creating scripts, see Creating and editing scripts.

  3. Name the script Backup, then press Enter.
  4. Enter the following script steps:
    Set Field [<table name>::Count Field; <table name>::Count Field + 1]
    If [<table name>::Count Field > 4]
        Save a Copy as ["Backup Copy.fmp12"; copy of current file ; Create folders: Off]
        Set Field [<table name>::Count Field; 0]
    End if 
  5. When you are finished, close the tab in the script editing pane, then click Save.
  6. Close the Script Workspace.
  7. Choose File menu > File Options, and click the Script Triggers tab.
  8. Click the OnLastWindowClose script trigger, then click Select.
  9. Select the Backup script.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Close the file.

    This script will create a backup of your file every fifth time you close the file.