Duplicating, deleting, or renaming layouts

You can duplicate, delete, and rename layouts using the Manage Layouts dialog box.

To duplicate, delete, or rename layouts:

  1. In Layout mode, save the layout that you want to duplicate, delete, or rename.
  2. Choose File menu > Manage > Layouts.
  3. In the Manage Layouts dialog box, make the changes you want.
  4. To

    Do this

    Duplicate a layout

    Select the layout, and click Duplicate. The layout name is duplicated, with Copy appended to it.

    Delete a layout

    Select the layout, and click Delete, then click Delete in the alert message. You can't undo deleting a layout.

    Rename a layout

    Double-click the layout name in the list (or select the layout name and click Edit) to display the Layout Setup dialog box. For Layout Name, type a descriptive name.


  • A file must have at least one layout, so you can't delete the last one.
  • Layout names do not have to be unique, but it's recommended to use a unique name for each layout.
  • You can't copy a complete layout to another FileMaker Pro file, but you can copy and paste all of a layout's objects into a layout in another file. Select the layout objects you want to copy, and choose Edit menu > Copy. Then switch to the layout in the other file, and choose Edit menu > Paste. If field names are not identical in both files, you will need to respecify the field you want each field object to display. See Copying, duplicating, and deleting objects and Placing and removing fields on a layout.
  • You can also duplicate, delete, or rename a layout by choosing from the Layouts menu in Layout mode.
  • After you rename or duplicate a layout, script steps (such as Go To Layout and Go To Related Records) in which you selected a layout in the Specify Layout dialog box will continue to refer to the same layout as before. (The Specify Layout dialog box refers to a layout using an internal ID that doesn't change when you rename a layout.) However, you may need to update script steps or objects that reference layouts by name after you rename or duplicate a layout.