Chart Setup dialog box

Use the Chart Setup dialog box to modify a quick chart or to create or edit a chart in Layout mode.

Note  To get started creating a chart, see Creating quick charts or Creating and editing charts in Layout mode.

The Chart Setup dialog box has two sections:

To create or edit a chart:

  1. Before you make changes in the Chart Setup dialog box, consider:
  2. In the Chart inspector, enter settings:
  3. To

    Do this

    Add a title to the chart

    For Title, type or change the chart title, or click Specify button to specify a title.

    Choose a chart type and specify the data series

    See Column, bar, line, and area charts (including stacked column and bar and positive/negative charts), Pie charts, or Scatter and bubble charts.

    Change data labels, show or hide tick marks and set tick mark scale (if applicable), and format data

    See Formatting and scaling chart axes.

    Change the color scheme, legend, or fonts in the chart

    Click Styles in the Chart inspector, then see Changing the look of a chart.

    Specify the type of data the chart uses (records in the found set, delimited records, or related records)

    Click Data Source in the Chart inspector, then see Specifying the data source for a chart.

  4. When you are satisfied with the chart, do one of the following:

    For quick charts created in Browse mode:

    • Click Print to print a copy of the chart, then click Cancel.
    • Click Save as Layout to save the chart on a new layout. To access the chart later via the Layout pop-up menu, select Include in layout menus in the dialog box that appears.

      Note  You must have the correct privileges to save a chart on a layout. See About accounts, privilege sets, and extended privileges.


    • Click Done.

    For charts created in Layout mode:

    • Click Done.
    • Choose Layouts menu > Save Layout, then click Exit Layout.

    Note  If you click Cancel in the Chart Setup dialog box, no changes to the chart are saved. However, if you made any changes to the database schema using the Select Field or Specify Field dialog boxes while working in the Chart Setup dialog box, those changes remain in the database.