Adding and selecting table occurrences

All table occurrence used in relationships must appear in the relationships graph. This includes tables from external data sources. After you add table occurrences, you can select them to see how they are related to one another.

To add a table occurrence to the relationships graph:

  1. Choose File menu > Manage > Database.

  2. Click the Relationships tab, then click Add table button.

  3. In the Specify Table dialog box:

    • To add another table occurrence from the current file, select the table name from the list of tables.

    • To add a table occurrence from an external data source, choose from Data Source, then select the table name from the list of tables.

  4. To


    Select a table occurrence from the current FileMaker Pro file

    Current File

    Select another FileMaker Pro file using the Open File dialog box

    Add FileMaker Data Source

    This is the quickest method of adding a FileMaker data source.

    Select an ODBC data source

    An existing ODBC data source name, or Add ODBC Data Source to add a new one

    See Editing ODBC data sources.

    Add multiple-path FileMaker data sources and ODBC data sources; or to edit, duplicate, or delete existing data sources

    Manage Data Sources

    See Connecting to external data sources.

  5. If necessary, change the name of the table occurrence.

    Each table occurrence in the relationships graph must have a unique name.

To select related tables:

  1. Open the relationships graph for the database.

    See Working with the relationships graph

  2. Select one or more table occurrences.

  3. Click Select related tables button, then choose the table occurrences you want to highlight.

  4. To


    Highlight tables that are directly related

    Select related tables 1-away

    Tip  Choose the command again to select the next related table or set of related tables.

    Highlight table occurrences that are based on the same source table

    Select tables with the same source table