Changing settings for Claris Customer Console (FileMaker Cloud)

Note  The following information is for FileMaker Cloud team managers.

You can change the following settings for the current team.

On the Settings page, for Claris Customer Console:


Do this

Allow users to download FileMaker software from the Subscription page

Set Allow users to download software to On.

When this setting is off, and users try to download software, they see a message.

Turn this option off when, for example, you need to test FileMaker software with your infrastructure and existing custom apps before allowing users to download and use the software.

Display only files that can be opened in FileMaker WebDirect on the user's Home page

Set Show only FileMaker WebDirect files on Home page to On.

These are files assigned the Access via FileMaker WebDirect extended privilege in FileMaker Pro. (See FileMaker Pro Help in the Product Documentation Center.)

When this setting is turned off, a user’s Home page displays all the files that the user has access to.

Note  For FileMaker WebDirect files to display on the Home page, the Don’t display in FileMaker WebDirect Launch Center option in FileMaker Pro must be deselected.