Resizing and reshaping objects
Once you've drawn a line or a shape on a layout, you can reshape or resize it. You can also reshape or resize field objects, portals, graphics, text blocks, panel controls, popover buttons, popovers, and charts. In addition, you can allow objects to resize automatically when the FileMaker Pro window is resized. Resizing settings also apply to Preview mode and printing, when the page size is different from the size of the layout being viewed or printed.
For information about auto-resizing, see Setting auto-resize options for layout objects.
For more information on resizing panel controls, see Moving and resizing panel controls.
For information about resizing graphics, see Formatting graphics on a layout.
To resize one or more objects:
In Layout mode, select one or more objects.
For more information, see Selecting objects.
Drag one of the selection handles to change the object’s shape and size.
To resize the objects in a specific or precise way, do one of the following:
Click one of the Resize buttons in the Arrange & Align area of the Position tab of the Inspector.
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