Editing objects, layout parts, and the layout background
You edit a layout by working with the objects on the layout — positioning and arranging them, resizing them, and making other changes to their appearance. You can change the formatting attributes of layout parts and the layout background by, for example, changing their fill settings. You can also work with fields — controlling how a field looks and behaves as well as how data appears in the field.
For information about creating layouts, working with layout parts, and adding fields, objects, popovers, and panel controls to layouts, see Creating and managing layouts and reports.
Topics in this section
Selecting and working with objects on a layout
Formatting objects, layout parts, and the layout background
Hiding or showing layout objects
Creating and working with styles for layout objects, parts, and the layout background
Saving and managing layout themes
Formatting and setting up field objects in Layout mode
Adding tooltips on layouts
Identifying badges on layout objects
Making layout objects accessible to screen readers
Controlling data input behavior of fields
Formatting text
Arranging objects
Using tools to precisely position objects